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Mitch was a big fan of the movie Tron: Legacy, specially because he was a really big fan of Olivia Wilde, who played Quorra in the movie, a beautiful program in a computer world called the Grid.
He always wished he could visit the Grid in real life, it was an interesting and exciting place where he could have awesome adventures... and of course meeting Quorra because he was pretty sure he would never meet Olivia Wilde in real life.

One day while checking his mail, he found a particular message from an unknown user, he wasn't going to open it because he thought it was some sort of virus, but when he saw that the subject was "The Grid", he changed his mind, he opened the mail but it had just a 2 lines on it:

If you want to Experience The Grid, click the next link:

Thinking it was some sort of online game, he clicked the link right away, hoping to see at least some pics of Quorra on the game, but as soon as he clicked the link, his entire body glowed with a blue light, his image dissorted and a lot of numbers and symbols started replacing his whole body, suddenly he was violently sucked inside the computer, making him faint for a few minutes.

When Mitch finally opened his eyes, he was in some sort of dark room, standing on a glowing blue plataform, he was pretty surprised he was standing up since he fainted, but then 4 women with white skintight bodysuits surrounded him.

"New user detected" said the 4 women at the same time

"what? User?" said him very confused, but then he remebered a scene like that in the movie and he got very excited, appearently he was in The Grid for real, but before he could said anything else, the girls pointed at him and fired some sort of laser from their fingertips, making his clothes to vanish like pixels from a game along with every single hair on his body, making his skin softer, he covered his private parts while a girl got close to him and put a big black disk on his back.

"What is that?!" said Mitch a little freaked out

"We're installing the Last ISO program" answered the women simply, suddenly, a lot memories busted inside Mitch's head "installing memories" said the women "Deleting obsolete ones" Mitch's mind went blank for a second and then a torrent of memories replaced his own ones.

But his memories weren't the only thing that changed, his body shrank form 6'1'' to 5'7'' his hair became brigh black and grew a little, his eyelashes curled, his eyes took an almond shape and became bright blue, his nose became smaller and cuter and his lips got plumper and softer.
Mitch was paralized but he wasn't fighting to break free since he lost his memories, the changes kept going down as his Adam's apple vanished and his neck got thinner, then his shoulders shrank and became more stylized, his arms lost all his muscles and became thinner and his hands became smaller and dainty.
His muscular chest shrank as 2 cute 34C cup breast blossomed on it, his stomach squeezed inwards, his ribcage shrank, and his waist caved inwards, giving him a curvy upper body.

The women didn't said a word and he neither, his penis slowly shrank inside his body and it was replaced by a beautiful vagina, her hips slowly filled until they got a perfect heart shape and her legs became longer, softer and thinner, finally, her feet became smaller and cuter.

When the body changes where done, a skintight black bodysuit with blue lighting appeared from the disk in her back and covered the new girl.

"Installation complete" said the women at the same time "Please identify yourself, and your purpose"

"I am Quorra" answered the girl "I am the last of the ISO's, and i have to share... i have to share... something with the world... i... what do i have to...?"

"Memory corrupted!" said the 4 women as the girl holded her head trying to focus, she wasn't Quorra, she was Mitch... no wait, Who's Mitch?!, she was Olivia Wilde, not Quorra or Mitch (whoever he was)

She listened a phone ringing in the far and bright blue light like the one that took her there covered her body and a really bright light flashed... Olivia Wilde woke up a little scared and breathing harshly, she was in front of her computer, appearently she fell asleep and she had a random dream where she was a boy and she got transformed into Quorra, the girl she played in the Tron movie, she looked down and saw that she was wearing a black dress, and her hair was longer than Quorra's.

"Now that's a weird dream!" said her laughing at her own imagination and picking up the phone "Hello?"

"Hi Olivia!" it was her fiance's voice "What took you so long?"

"I was asleep" answered her

"Did i woke you up?" asked the man obviously a little ashamed and with a guilty tone

"Yeah, but don't worry, i was having a very weird dream" said her "i'm glad you did it"

"Okay" said him relieved "i'm on my way to pick you up, i have a romantic night planned for us"

"Great" said the girl smiling "i'll be ready when you arrive!"

The girl hung up the phone, turned her computer of with a last smile and she went to get ready for her date...
Okay, here's my part of the first of my art trades with my partner in TGTime :icontgtime: demisword :icondemisword:

You can watch the amazing cap he did for me here:…

This is just the beggining of a few cap trades with him, and i hope you enjoy it, specially the requester :D
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kyoshira71 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
Great job on the cap. I liked the swerve that happens towards the end.
Suchaweirdo24 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
thanks ^-^ i'm really glad you liked it :D
demisword Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
Excellent job! It was perfect!
Suchaweirdo24 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
i'm glad you liked it :D
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