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Ben was a normal boy, and as any normal boy, he had some things that he preffered to hide, in his case it was his secret obsession with Taylor Swift.
He knew he shouldn't be ashamed about that, since Taylor was a pretty beautiful girl, and her voice was amazing, but her music was what everyone called 'Girl music'
and he didn't wanted his friends knew about how much he loved that kind of music.

Ben usually locked himself on his room to spend the whole afternoon listening to Taylor's music, but he never had the chance to enjoy it properly because he was always
carefully listening outside his room, in case someone showed up, so he would be able to hide his ipod and stop the music.

One day his family was paying a visit to his grandmother, and he managed to convince them that he had a huge project for school and he couldn't go with them.
Then, he told all his friends that he wouldn't be at home because he was picking his grandmother from the airport and take her to the hospital, he had to decline all the
help offerings but finally he did it, he got a whole visit-free afternoon to listen to Taylor Swift without any interruptions.

After school, he rushed towards his house and locked up in his room as usual, and, knowing that no one would show up, he played one of his personal favorites "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" not even caring about the headphones since he was completly alone.

As soon as the first note of the song played, Ben felt a tingly and warm sensation inside him, it was so pleasent that he closed his eyes and felt into some sort of deep daydream, he singing along the song as it played and he was so focused on it, that he didn't realized about the changes on his body, all the hairs on it fell down, leaving a smooth and soft pink skin behind, his shoulders shrank and became less pronounced, he shrank from his 6 feet to 5'1''
His arms slenderized and became more femenine, as he waved his hands to the music they became dainity and smaller. his Adam's apple vanished from his neck and his voice became cuter and high pitched, matching perfectly with the song that was playing.
Ben's legs became longer, softer and thinner and his hips jutted out, forming new perfect curves, his waist shrank, and 2 cute 34A cup breast replaced his muscular chest,
He was so inspired at that moment, that he didn't even realized that his penis was shrinking and being replaced by female organs, Finally her face became smaller, her nose became cuter and more femenine, her short black hair turned blonde and cascaded down to her shoulders, her lips got a plumper and softer, and his dark brown eyes became light blue.

But her body wasn't the only thing that changed, suddenly her jeans dissapeared and her black shirt grew down to his knees and turned into a beautiful long sleeved white lace dress with floral shapes, her shoes turned into elegant, sparkling golden heels, her boxers were replaced by white panties, and a matching bra appeared around her newly formed breasts, and her ipad turned into a microphone.
As the song was getting to an end, she could listen her sweet voice singing through the microphone, and a crowd around, cheering for her.
The crowd sounds where geting louder and louder as she was about to sing the final line of the song.

"But we are never ever ever ever, getting back together" she didn't sang that last line alone, she opened her eyes and found herself standing on a stage and thousands of people where screaming her name over and over, Taylor couldn't understand why she was so ashamed to sing her own songs a few minutes ago, after all, they where pretty good as all that people where cheering for her. 'Girl's music?' what she was thinking? indeed the most of the people that were cheering for her were girls, but she was one too, so, what was so wrong about it?.
This is my second request :D the first of 2 for hthsound, this is my first try at clothes changing so be nice and i hope everyone enjoys it, specially the requester, be nice and if you have any requests just ask me
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September 18, 2013
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