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Andy was sitting on a table of a bar all by himself, wishing not to be there. He was dragged there by his friend Candy, the typical airhead dizty blonde who didn't cared too much about studies, and the complete opposite of Andy in every sense, since Andy was a bit of an intelectual, so he didn't enjoyed being at a bar full of girls like Candy who literally begged to dance for every man than entered the bar (Which weren't too many actually, there was mostly girls and the dudes that entered there didn't lasted there very long surprisingly).

People never understood how Andy and Candy where friends being so different, but the truth was that Candy wasn't always like that. She was in fact a quite promising student the first time Andy met her and became friends with her, but one friday night she was dragged to a party in that same bar (Which Andy didn't attend). She didn't appeared until Monday afternoon, with bleach blonde hair, fuller lips and huge breasts and butt. Of course Andy was shocked when she showed up like that, giggling and acting childish, appearently being horny all the time and not caring about the school, Andy being unable to explain how her body suffered such a drastic change, because there was no visible stitches of the girl getting implants when he (unwillingly) saw her naked and her breasts and butt felt soft and natural (she forced him to touch them too) instead of fake and plastic. She also bragged all the time about meeting Taylor Swift and making her as happy as she was now, though she called her Tay Tay for some reason

People always made fun of the boy because they thought he was in the friendzone, complacing Candy's every whim and pettition just because she was hot, when the reality was that he frienzoned the girl instead, mostly because the blonde airheads weren't his type, although Candy tried too hard to make Andy being a bit more outgoing, to the point she tried to seduce him more times than Andy wanted to admit.

After denying the 5th girl that approached him to offer him a good time he stood up and walked towards Candy, who was dancing with a pair of girls in a very suggestive way, (thing that didn't surprised him too much because he knew Candy would have good times with everyone that was a human and alive without mattering their gender)

"Okay Candy, It's almost 1 a.m." he said ignoring the giggles of the other girls "Time to go"

"Ow~! you're like, no fun!" the girl said pouting her full lips covered with pink lipgloss and stomping the ground, making her large breasts bounce a little "I haven't seen Tay Tay in like, forever! She doesn't wanna have fun with me since she got Selly and now you wanna be totally mean with me and make me leave when I'm having like, lots of fun!"

"Riiiight..." Andy said confusedly, but for the longest time now he knew it was better not to argue with Candy's fantasies "I told you we could only stay until 1 a.m." He replied simply "We have an important exam tomorrow"

"But school is like, sooo boring!" the girl replied rolling her eyes "I just wanna party with my hawt friends!" Andy sighed a little annoyed, but Candy's face suddenly lightned up with a large smile "I got it~!, wait here!" she chirped with a singysong voice before running towards the bar counter, after a few minutes, she came back with a large bottle filled with a light pink liquid and a shot glass "Here!" the girl said beaming "This'll make you feel super good!"

"Pink Passion?" the boy said reading the bottle and raising an eyebrow "What's this"

"That was like, the very first thing I tried the first time I came to this bar" Candy answered "It's super tasty and it makes you feel so good, you should totally try it!"

"You know I cannot drink alcohol" he answered with a sigh "I'm the one who drives the car and I cannot drive while drunk"

"Oh, come on!" the girl said pouring some liquid in the shot glass "A tiny cup like this won't do like, anything to you. Come on, at least try it... for me?" she added with puppy eyes and pressing her elbows against her chest to make her already big breasts look bigger

"Okay, fine" Andy said taking the glass from the table "But promise me we'll leave soon" Candy nodded and started bouncing up and down excitedly as Andy drank the liquid. It was sweet, it was very sweet, Andy was surprised an alcoholic drink could be so sweet, it didn't even tasted like alcohol at all, but as soon as the liquid went down his throat, a slight warm sensation started spreading all over his body "Wow... this actually tastes quite good..." Andy said smiling

"Told ya~!" Candy cheered and winked before pouring some more liquid in the glass "How about another one?!"

"No Candy" he said waving his head to snap out "I told you I have to drive you back home"

"We can just call a cab, silly!" the girl replied handing him the glass "Come on, don't be such a party pooper!"

Andy knew he shouldn't drink anymore, but for some reason he wanted to keep on doing, he wanted to taste the sweet drink again, plus he liked the little warm feeling it produced.

"Okay, one more, But this'll be the last one" He said as he drank the entire glass, giggling afterwards as the warm sensation appeared a little more intense than before, completly unaware that the last shot he took wasn't going to be the last one at all.
Andy took another shot, and another, and another. Soon the bottle was empty, and Andy was dancing with Candy and all the girls. It was a weird situation, because Andy didn't feel drunk at all, he wasn't dizzy or anything, he just felt... really happy and a little bit light-headed, but not in a bad way, it was quite comforting and really fun.

Andy, who hated partying and crowded places, was now dancing songs like 'Barbie Girl' and 'Girls just want to have fun' in the middle of a group of giggling voluptuous girls. In any other situation that would've been ridiculous to him, even humiliating, but at that exact moment, he didn't cared about anything, not even his body slowly shrinking and all his body hairs vanishing, leaving a smoother, tanner and completly flawless skin behind. After all the smoother his skin was the better, and he could always wear heels to look taller...

Andy just kept on dancing while his skull cracked and reshaped, becoming smaller and rounder. Soon, he had to move his long silky black hair from his face, which quickly reached his chest, but that was okay for him too, after all girls with long hair were prettier for him. His facial features started modifying, becoming more femenine, his eyes became bigger and changed to a rich brown color, his nose shrank and became cuter and his lips swelled quite a lot, becoming smoother and bigger covering themselves with bright red lipstick.

"I hope I look cute" he said with a giggle and a singysong female voice without stop dancing

"You totally do!" Candy replied none of the girls remotly scared by the boy transforming in front of them, it was like if that happened every day. Meanwhile Andy's shoulders crunched inwards as he danced, becoming less pronounced and more feminine, his arms slenderized, his hands became smaller and dainity and his nails grew longer and covered themselves with bright pink nail polish.

The boy should've been screaming in terror by now, but he just didn't cared about the changes going on on his body, they were actually quite enjoyable to say the least. He simply giggled with his new feminine voice as he saw 2 lumps on his chest, slowly getting bigger and bigger, straining his shirt and almost making it tear appart, but if that happened it was all right too, because, what was the point of having such cute and huge boobies if no one could see them?

He giggled as he started jumping around, his enormous breasts bouncing on his chest as his stomach squeezed inwards along with his waist, giving him a more feminine or how he though sounded better, hawt upper body. His hips suddenly flared out and his rear swelled while he waved them seductively, it swelled so much that his pants almost ripped appart, completing his new and sexy hourglass figure.

The boy let out a soft moan as a sudden warmt assaulted his crotch. He giggled as he though he finally was getting rid of his penis s it slowly slipped inside of his body, modifying his internal organs, forcing them to transform into female parts as a completly functioning and wet vagina replaced her former manhood, she was oficially a super hot girl now and was happy about it. Finally, her legs became longer, thicker and softer and her feet became smaller and cuter inside of her shoes.

The new girl looked down at her curvy and hot body smiling on how hawt she was, but pouting a few seconds later, thinking that the clothes she was wearing weren't hot enough, just as she thought that, with a finger on her chin with a ditzy expression on her face, her ripped shirt, pants and underwear dissapeared, for a few seconds everyone could see her naked voluptuous body, which she didn't bothered on hiding at all before a shiny red dress with a lot of cleavage and a cut to show her beautiful legs covered her body and a pair of matching elbow-lenght gloves appeared on her arms while her shoes turned into matching heels. She giggled at the thought of not having any underwear, which would make things a lot easier.

"OMG! That was like, totally hawt!" Andy said smiling as she squeezed her breasts, luckly her name was cute for boys and girls so she didn't had to think of any other "I look so good!"

"You totally do!" Candy said "I told ya that drink was like, the bestest thing!"

"I know!" Andy said smiling "Let's get more!"

"I thought you said we should go now..." Candy asked with a smile "Because we have that school thingy tomorrow"

"And I thought you said school was like, toooootally boring!" she replied with a giggle "Let's just party, it's way more fun!"

"Kay, Kay!" Candy Chirped as the girls started dancing again, surrounded by girls as hawt as them. Andy started thinking if she should leave the bar and go to school the next day, because she used to be the intelligent guy, but thinking of that made her head hurt, so instead she decided to stop doing so and dance the night away, happy of being a totally hot and super fun girl instead of a boring smart boy...
This is my part of the trade with :iconmunky-78: and it is some sort of follow up to my Were-Bimbo Caps which you can see here:

Taylor's Blank Space - Taylor Swift Were-bimbo Tf
Selena's Love Song - Selena Gomez Were-Bimbo TF

Hope the requester likes it as well as you guys :)

You can see what he did for me here -> Ariana Grande the Werebimbo (Trade: Suchaweirdo24)
That is also part of the same series and it may become a collab/series in a near future *wink, wink*
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pokemontgmaster Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
Honestly would like to see more of these types of stories.
Suchaweirdo24 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
there might be more in the future ^-^
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
funny story, how to solve problems with a boring/bored guy..
munky-78 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
I know he did such great job!! ^-^
Suchaweirdo24 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
yeah give him a bottle of that stuff :XD:
munky-78 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
^-^ it's like I'm reading a story about myself hehe, love it so much!!
Suchaweirdo24 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
Glad to hear you enjoyed it :) I had fun writing it too ^-^
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