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Michelle was a city person, she rarely went out of town to the field if she could avoid it, so, when she got lost in the middle of the desert while camping with her friends, she had an extremly bad time.

After wandering around the desert for hours under the sun, she gave up and decided to find a place to sleep that night, hoping her friends would find her soon, she found a small cave, and, hoping it didn't belonged to some sort of dangerous animal, she slept inside.

5 days passed and Michelle lost hopes of someone finding her, she was starving and dehydrating, besides of the fact that she nose-bleeded continously because of the burning sun and to top it of she had pretty severe sunburns.

Deciding that the only way to get out of there would be by her own means, she started wandering around the desert, trying to find something to ear or to drink, she saw several small mice every often and according to one of her friends, she could catch them and eat them without any problem, but she couldn't concieve the fact of eating a mouse, and the meere fact of thinking about it made her shiver.

6 hours passed and the girl was almost done, when she found a small pond of water, it had a greenish tone and it would probably be dirty as hell, but she drank from it like if it was the most delicious thing she ever tasted.

After refreshing herself a little bit, she realized how terrible the water looked and she started crying, maybe she would have to spend the rest of her life (which wouldn't be too much if she kept like that) wandering there, drinking from dirty ponds and eating whatever she could find.

"I don't wanna die!" said Michelle as the tears flowed from her eyes "I just want to be able to live here no matter what! I want to adapt myself to this place!"

Suddenly she screamed, a terrible pain assaulted her whole body all of sudden, making her fall on her knees, her legs felt extremly hot for no reason and the pain intensified specially on her feet. she quickly took off her shoes, socks, pants and underwear, trying to reach the small pond to cool herself a little, but her feet crooked terribly and started shrinking as they darkened and solidified into...

"A... A snake... rattle?!" said her terrified "NO! THIS ISN'T WHAT I MEANTH!" the pain assaulted her legs as they started melding together and becoming thinner, her rear and hips receded and became thinner as well, her lower body now was a long snake tail.

Suddenly her tounge started going in and out of her mouth without her being able to control it, soon it darkened becoming black and thin and the tip splitted into 2, she could feel her teeth becoming tubular, sharp and thin, and her fangs became specially long and sharp as a pair of yellowish drops fell from the tips, she was prodicing poison form them.

"NOOO!" said her barely being able to talk "THISSSSS ISSSSSS NOT RIGHT I DON'T WANTED TO BE A SSSSSSSNAKE!" she felt how her stomach got thinner and her breasts receded as well, soon her arms shrank inside of her body and her shoulders dissapeared, her brown hair slowly fell down and her green eyes became completly black, her pupils became the ones of a snake and her skull squeezed as her head became flat, forcing her eyes to move to the sides of her head, her nose widened transforming into a pair of nostrils and finally, her skin covered completly with different tones of black, yellow and brown scales, forming diamond-like patterns all over her back, her body got even longer, reaching 2 and a half meters long.

Michelle looked around terrified, she somehow turned into a Diamondback Rattlesnake, she was slithering around the pound, nervously moving her rattle, thinking some way to be a human again, but suddenly she saw a small mouse getting closer to drink some water, a really strong impulse assaulted her head  and without being able to hold herself, she attacked it with an incredible speed.

As soon as her fangs started injecting poison on the defenseless mouse, her human thoughts and memories, along with all the fear she felt were completly erased, all she could think now was to eat that mouse (which she swallowed whole) and finding a good spot near there, the pond would attract her preys easier and all she needed to survive was a good hole on the ground near there...
Okay, this is a special cap i did only to enter :iconsalo14: 's contest, i don't do either full animal morph or reptile caps, but i promised i would give a try on his contest and here's my entry, this is the first and probably the last time i write a complete animal morph or a reptile morph (unless i promise it on a contest in the future) hope it turned out well and hope you like it (if you like animal morph of course xD)
salo14 Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
great story I enjoyed reading it :)
Suchaweirdo24 Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
glad to hear that :)
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